Luise Lee

Playing bridge with my husband

I played a little bridge when we were in Washington last month.  The most surprising aspect about the experience was I actually LIKED it!  The first session I played was with this lovely lady named Pamela Hughes on the first Friday night of the tournament.  I had showed up to the game with about 10 minutes to spare, thinking it was a singles event.  I was disappointed when I learnt it was a Pairs game, but the administrators were very helpful and scrambled to find me a partner at the last minute.  I actually had a lot of fun playing with Pamela and I hope to get the opportunity to do so again!  

I’ll post more on my adventures with Pamala a different day, but today I wanted to thank my husband for an enjoyable match the first Monday evening of the tournament.  I spoke to Judy today and mentioned that I played bridge with Colin, and her astonished response was “and you’re still married??”.  I couldn’t help but laugh at her comment. 

Colin was a very gracious partner.  There was just one situation that occured that was too much for him to  contain himself: 

J 8  
  K 9 5

Declarer played the J from Dummy, and I failed to cover with the K.  When the finesse worked, declarer repeated the finesse, played low to his Queen and then my king fell under the Ace near the end of the hand.  (Colin’s holding was 10 7 4 3)

After the hand was over, Colin said to me “Oh, you did have the King”…  (or something to that effect).  I think his surprise at having mis-guessed the hand because of my play was too great for him to contain himself — he should have just not said anything.  I responded with “Why, what’s wrong?”.  He realized his error and brushed off my comment saying “nevermind, it doesn’t matter”, but I could tell just by looking at his smiling face what he was thinking.

That was about the only negative thing that I have to say about the entire experience.  It was actually quite pleasant, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime.


Chris HasneyAugust 11th, 2009 at 12:40 am

You have a keeper there. Only took him a nanosecond to realize his error in expressing his shock at your play, and then he recovered and blew it off to try to save you from his comment. Kudos to Colin. I’d not have had that skill. Even if he had been wrong in his assessment, his immediate “oops, I made partner uneasy” reaction was priceless. That’s a good pard! Wish I could be as good.

MoroshkinaDecember 13th, 2015 at 7:22 am

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