Luise Lee

England vs. Poland — Round 1 a disappointment

I got really excited for England today when I heard the news that they had reached the finals.  I always like cheering for the unexpected surprises that crop up every now and again.  (My work also has a direct connection to England finishing in the finals, so that is another draw of interest for me).  I decided that I would jump on the band wagon and start cheering them on as they started their first round this morning.

I sat down at one of the England-Poland VuGraph tables today to see how they were doing.  Well, I think I might just jump right off that band wagon again.  They stunk the joint out!  The table that I selected to watch, IMHO, was responsible for a large number of the big swings in favour of the other guys…  Now I am by no means anywhere close to world class,  (I’m not even a good player yet), but the game was so painful to watch that I started thinking even *I* could have done better!!

I hope that I speak too soon and that they will have a quick break for regrouping and come back fighting.  I know there’s a lot of bridge left to play, but it certainly looks as though England forgot to bring their game to the table this morning.  Current score:  England 1,  Poland: 62.

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